Civilization IV

Classic turn-based strategy game set in a living 3D world


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  • Category Strategy
  • License Trial version
  • Size 329.53 MB
  • Works under Windows XP / Windows 2000
  • Language English
  • Program by 2kgames

Build an empire in this acclaimed turn-based strategy game.

Sid Meier’s Civilization series is well-established within the turn-based strategy genre, giving players the chance to build an empire that stands the test of time. Players start off in the prehistoric era and end up in 21st century, gradually building cities, gathering new knowledge and embarking on military conquests along the way.

Released back in 2005, Civilization IV introduced a new 3D game engine, enhanced various gameplay aspects and increased customisation potential. These improvements were well-received, with the game attracting rave reviews and winning numerous awards. So does the fourth instalment in the series really live up to the hype?


Civilization IV makes use of basic 4X strategy principles, with players controlling an empire and being encouraged to 'explore, expand, exploit and exterminate'. Players choose from 18 different nations and compete with some of the best-known world leaders in history, all with the aim of being the most powerful.

The game is turn-based and players can play a single player campaign, against AI-controlled opponents, or an online campaign, against real-life opponents. Players control individual units and take turns to carry out actions. AI is vastly improved from Civ III, adding to the strategic skill required.

There are a number of ways to 'win', including defeating all other civilisations through military actions, winning the space race, controlling 2/3 of all land, or becoming 'World Leader' through the United Nations. This enables players to take either a military, technological, expansionist or diplomatic approach to winning.

Enhanced 3D World

Although there are a number of gameplay improvements over previous instalments, such as the introduction of new units, the biggest changes are visual. Indeed, a new graphics engine was developed from scratch, taking inspiration from the Gamebryo engine, and it introduces 3D immersion to the Civilization series for the first time.

The 3D game world is a vast improvement over earlier Civilization games, as are the on-screen graphics that pop up during play. Moreover, significant improvements have been made to the game's audio, with a great soundtrack adding to the experience and excellent voice-over work provided by the late great Leonard Nimoy.

While the release of Civilization V in 2010 has perhaps overshadowed Civ IV, it remains a superb strategy game, deserving of high praise and its modest system requirements will appeal to many users. Furthermore, the customisation features open up almost endless possibilities when it comes to creating a unique game world.


  • Huge visual improvement over Civilization III
  • Enhanced AI adds to the strategy element
  • Multi-player mode is brilliant fun
  • More modest system requirements than Civilization V


  • The user interface could be better in places
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